Hazet 0-2500-163/72 Supplementary tool assortment for AUDI for 179 XL-8-VW/243

Hazet 0-2500-163/72 Supplementary tool assortment for AUDI for 179 XL-8-VW/243  - KC Tool
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Hazet 0-2500-163/72 Supplementary tool assortment for AUDI for 179 XL-8-VW/243
Safety-Insert-System, 2-component soft foam insert. Insert also suitable for HAZET Assistent
Number of tools: 72 Stück
Pliers set 163-375/5
Heavy-duty diagonal cutters 1802M-33
Diagonal cutter 1803M-11
Snipe nose pliers 1841MA-11 1841MB-33
Combination pliers 1850M-33
Double open-end wrench set 163-377/11
Double open-end wrench 450N-6X7 450N-8X9 450N-10X11 450N-12X13 450N-14X15 450N-16X17 450N-18X19 450N-20X22 450N-21X23 450N-24X27 450N-30X32
Tool set 163-378/11
Socket key, flexible 426-6 426-7 426-8
Bit 2211-4 2211-5 2212-6 2212-8 2212-10
Adapter 2250-5
Insert tool holder for bits 6420B 6420C
Socket set 163-379/38
6-point socket 880-10 880-11 880-12 880-13 880-14 880-15 880-16 880-17 880-18 880-19 880-21 880-22
Joint socket 880G-10 880G-11 880G-12 880G-13 880G-14 880G-15 880G-16 880G-17 880G-18 880G-19
12-point socket 880Z-10 880Z-11 880Z-12 880Z-13 880Z-14 880Z-15 880Z-16 880Z-17 880Z-18 880Z-19
Reversible ratchet 8816P
Universal joint 8820
Extension 8821-6
Extension, can be pivoted 8822-1 8822-3 8822-10
TORX screwdriver set 163-380/4
Screwdriver Trinamic 803LG-T15 803LG-T20 803LG-T25 803LG-T30
Socket set 163-382/3
Socket 428-8 428-10 428-13
HAZET Warranty
All HAZET products are manufactured in sophisticated, highly specialized factories from the finest materials available, to the highest possible quality standards and are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

KC Tool at its discretion will repair or replace HAZET tools with proper proof of purchase that meet the warranty guidelines.

Hazet Warranty Exclusions:
  • Bits
  • Adapters
  • Parts designed to wear (e.g. ratchet internals)
  • Tools with a deformed shape from load abuse or alteration
  • Tools showing signs of "hammering" damage
  • Excessive wear and tear beyond reasonable service life
  • Damage from heat or welding
  • Damage from cutting edges or gripping teeth resulting from use on hardened materials
  • Damage from arcing with hot wires
  • Worn PVC grips and handles
  • Abuse caused from incorrect use or application
  • Indieset:
    Tool Sets
    Country of Origin:
    Made in Germany