Hazet 177-7/217 Tool trolley Assistent with assortment

Hazet 177-7/217 Tool trolley Assistent with assortment  - KC Tool
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Hazet 177-7/217 Tool trolley Assistent with assortment
Tool trolley
Large ball-bearing-mounted wheels (diameter 100 mm),
easy manoeuvrability, even with high dynamic load
With thread guard - protects the bearings against dirt and threads
Grey non-marking elastic tyres enable smooth movement
Two-level locking concept:
- Central locking, lockable with cylinder lock and 2 keys
-Individual drawer locking prevents unwanted drawer opening
- 100% sliding-out with roller guide
Loading capacity (static): 300 kg
Worktop: plastic, resistant to solvent, with integrated storage wells
Loading capacity per drawer: 20 kg
4 flat and 2 high drawers
Height: 915 mm
Width: 779.5 mm
Net weight: 62.8 kg
Drawers shallow: 6x 80x527x348 mm
Drawers tall: 1x 165x527x348 mm
Drawer size for order system: 3/3
Number of separation sheets: 7
Height of worktop: 881
Number of fixed castors: 2 (diameter 100 mm)
Number of swivel castors: 2 (diameter 100 mm)
Height x width x depth: 915 x 779.5 x 496
Rectangular perforation of the side panels provides various fastening options for accessories such as paper bin, cable drum etc.
Side fastening panels, e.g. for HAZET tool hooks, article group 112
The drawers are equipped with one separation sheet each as standard
Suitable for HAZET "Safety-Insert-System" and plastic drawer inserts
Recessed side panels protect accessories from damage, being fastened within the trolley's outer dimensions
Handle firmly attached to the trolley
Number of tools: 217 Stück
Tool trolley Assistent 177-7
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HAZET Warranty
All HAZET products are manufactured in sophisticated, highly specialized factories from the finest materials available, to the highest possible quality standards and are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

KC Tool at its discretion will repair or replace HAZET tools with proper proof of purchase that meet the warranty guidelines.

Hazet Warranty Exclusions:
  • Bits
  • Adapters
  • Parts designed to wear (e.g. ratchet internals)
  • Tools with a deformed shape from load abuse or alteration
  • Tools showing signs of "hammering" damage
  • Excessive wear and tear beyond reasonable service life
  • Damage from heat or welding
  • Damage from cutting edges or gripping teeth resulting from use on hardened materials
  • Damage from arcing with hot wires
  • Worn PVC grips and handles
  • Abuse caused from incorrect use or application
  • Indieset:
    Tool Sets
    Country of Origin:
    Made in Germany