KC Tool Aluminum Bench Top Stand for Precision Tools - 50 Holes, Tumbled Finish

KC Tool Aluminum Bench Top Stand for Precision Tools - 50 Holes, Tumbled Finish - KC Tool
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Precision Screwdriver Stand

Manufactured here in Olathe, KS.

Made out of 6061 Aluminum, tumbled finish, 3/8" thick.

Top plate: 9.7" x 5.0" (246mm x 127mm)
Overall height: 4.4" (112mm)
Weight: 3.20 lbs

Holds up to 50 precision screwdrivers

Wiha standard & ESD precision screwdrivers: blade lengths up to 80mm
Wiha PicoFinish precision screwdrivers: blade lengths up to 100mm
Witte Wittron precision screwdrivers: all blade lengths (up to 80mm)
Gedore precision screwdrivers: all blade lengths (up to 100mm)

Lifetime warranty
Individual Tools
Country of Origin:
Made in USA

26 Reviews

  • 1
    Warped product

    Posted by Cody on Jun 21st 2020

    I purchased this item to hold my precision screwdrivers that I use everyday for electronics repair. I am a 100% disabled combat veteran that repairs small electronics devices to supplement the income I receive from disability. I was super excited to receive this product and after assembling it, I was ecstatic with the quality. One problem though.. the top plate with the holes in it is slightly warped so that it will not sit flat on any surface. I tried it on multiple surfaces just to make sure, then I flipped it completely over laying it flat on its top, where I found it to have a very pronounced warp in it. I'm not sure how this would happen on a machined surface (i guess?!?) but is definitely warped. I contacted customer service about a replacement, and to their credit they offered to send me a replacement after I sent the one I have back for them to check and verify. I don't have time to deal with returning products, then having to wait weeks to receive a replacement, so I'll just try to fix it myself. With all this Covid19 mess it took me long enough to get it in the first place. So needless to say, I spend $50+ on something that I can't use to its full potential. You may not think it is a big deal, but when I pay for something I expect to receive what I pay for in the proper condition. Hopefully, my review will not be trashed since it is not positive.

  • 4
    Great tool stand

    Posted by JR on Jun 5th 2020

    This stand fits a number of small tools in addition to screwdrivers. I'm using it for screwdrivers and ESD tweezers. It works best with screwdrivers that have a flat end where the shaft meets the handle. Otherwise, the screwdriver will tip over slightly. My only suggestion is an option for anodizing or powdercoating.

  • 3
    Needs Tweaks

    Posted by David on Dec 23rd 2019

    Does not really fit my Wera or PB Swiss precision screwdrivers without having them sloppily poke through holes at sharp angles. Needs a thicker top part. Not terribly useful for my case

  • 5
    tool stand

    Posted by reid riddell on Oct 13th 2019

    the perfect stand for precision screwdrivers and the like. simple, sturdy and a good price as well. I like it way more than the Wiha stand. the magnet option is cool too.

  • 5
    Love it.

    Posted by Vinh on Jun 15th 2019

    Whoever machined this took pride in his job. Excellent workmanship.

  • 3
    50 Hole Tool Stand

    Posted by Gretchen on Apr 14th 2019

    This item is okay and functional. It would be a whole lot better if the legs or top locked into a rabbet which would not be a big deal to do. Also aluminum oxidizes and actually turns your hands black when it oxidizes. Anodizing this would make it look a whole lot better and sget rid of the blotchy look and stop the oxidization. Plain aluminum has a problems if you are in a salty, humid environment near the ocean like I am. Anodization can wear off but this holder is only going to get light use so that would not be a problem.

  • 5
    Great precision tool stand

    Posted by Eric Commarato on Nov 6th 2018

    This is a really nice, heavy duty precision screwdriver/tool stand. I would highly recommend purchasing this to keep track of your small precision tools

  • 5
    frustration reducer

    Posted by William Hollon on Mar 27th 2018

    I spent more time looking for scattered screwdrivers than getting anything done. Now every small tool is at my fingertips.

  • 5
    Bench Top

    Posted by justin Silvidi on Mar 20th 2018

    This is a well may product and perfect for precision screwdriver storage.