Wera 018282 Kraftform Plus Slotted/Phillips Screwdriver Set + Rack

Wera 018282 Kraftform Plus Slotted/Phillips Screwdriver Set + Rack - KC Tool
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Wera Kraftform Plus 932/6 Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver Set + Rack
Phillips: #1 x 80mm (8mm hex bolster)
Phillips: #2 x 100mm (10mm hex bolster)
Slotted: 3.5 x 0.6 x 80mm
Slotted: 4.5 x 0.8 x 90mm (8mm hex bolster)
Slotted: 5.5 x 1.0 x 100mm (10mm hex bolster)
Slotted: 7.0 x 1.2 x 125mm (10mm hex bolster)
Wera Rack for Kraftform screwdrivers
Wera Kraftform Plus Chiseldrivers are designed with a pound-thru blade that facilitates zero-loss transfer of forces when struck with hammer and prevents splintering of handle or blade.
Integrated impact cap extends service life and makes contact with screwdriver vibration free.
Hexagon bolster provides extra torque transfer with use of open-jawed or ring spanner.
Kraftform handle, with hard and soft zones, fits the shape to the hand for the ultimate in comfort and high-speed torque transfer.
Anti-roll protection at base of handle stops screwdrivers from rolling away at the workplace.

Manufacturer Part #: 05018282001

All Wera professional hand tools are covered by a lifetime warranty against breakage due to defects in materials or workmanship for the normal life of the product. This policy does not cover products which have been altered in any way, and products which have been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, or improper storage. Bits, bitholders and L-keys are also not covered under this warranty policy as they are considered consumable. Wera Tools reserves the right to inspect warranty claims before replacements are issued. Return transportation costs are not included, however Wera will send replacement tools at no cost. Any claims for reasons other than those noted here must be approved by Wera Tools Inc., or its authorized representatives.

Return tools for warranty replacement directly to KC Tool. All returns are subject to inspection prior to replacement.
Phillips #1
Phillips #2
Multi-Component Material
Tool Sets
Black Finish
Slotted 3.5 mm (9/64 in.)
Slotted 4.5 mm
Slotted 5.5 mm
Slotted 7.0 mm
Country of Origin:
Made in Czech Republic

29 Reviews

  • 5
    Wera Kraftform Plus slotted/Phillips screwdriver set

    Posted by Richard on Aug 2nd 2020

    I bought these after viewing several posts online. The only screwdrivers I used to use were snap on. Being a mechanic from the 60’s thru the 70’s they were the best and easiest to purchase when the snap on truck came to our shop. This is the first time I’ve had a screwdriver shaped like this in my hand. The construction is excellent with the shaft going thru the full length of the handle. I have had some screwdriver handles turn and the blade not turn .... even a snap on screwdriver as well as other more cheaper screwdrivers. The weight and feel in the hand of these screwdrivers translates into a high quality item that will outlast many others.

  • 5
    wera drivers

    Posted by CL on May 23rd 2020

    These drivers have great handles and tips. They are very strong.

  • 5
    Incredible Quality

    Posted by Matthew on Dec 24th 2019

    This is my second set of these drivers. If you didn't think a set of screwdrivers could impress you, this set will change your mind. HIGHLY recommend picking these up.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Eddie on Nov 24th 2019

    Very strong and easy to handle ,hard to loose cause of the colors. Would recommend.

  • 5
    Great set of drivers

    Posted by CV on Jul 18th 2019

    Very solid construction. They feel good in the hand.

  • 5
    Great set of screwdrivers!

    Posted by Tanis on Apr 16th 2019

    This set for the price I got it for is a bargain! The feel great in hand and they feel very sturdy. These feel like a big step up from the reliable Craftsman screwdrivers.

  • 5
    Wera 6 piece set

    Posted by Kevin on Mar 17th 2019

    I love these the #2 Philip's is the best I've used. These things are indestructible

  • 5
    Great Set

    Posted by Tony M on Mar 11th 2019

    After reading numerous reviews and finally pulling the trigger, I finally have found a set of screwdrivers that I think will last. High quality. Light. Great grips.

  • 5
    Very, very nice

    Posted by Jon on Feb 24th 2019

    I have a few Wera screwdrivers I use for carpentry work, which I really like, so I bought these to replace the miscellaneous cheap-o's I was using for mechanical work, mainly automotive and small engine. Why did I want so long? How many bashed knuckles or stripped screw heads could have been avoided? It's nice to have nice tools. The tips are excellently machined and quite hard. The wrench flats on the shaft are great (pair it with a ratcheting box wrench for something really handy) and I love being able to strike the backs without worrying about messing them up. The handles are classic Wera, grippy but not sticky, easy to really get some force on, and hold up well to hydrocarbons. The assortment here is pretty good, I'd prefer a PH3 and two sizes of flathead, but hey. The rack thing is fairly chintzy injection-molded plastic with no fiber reinforcement and little molded flanges to hold the screwdrivers in. It feels like I'll break it fast enough that I doubt I will ever bother to mount it. I have some smaller Wera racks for my electronics screwdrivers which I like, but this one is pretty throw-away. The packaging is all printed and glossy, a little excessive overall but lovely if you're giving these as a gift. Overall, I highly recommend this set, and the KC Tool pricing was awesome.